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Security system technology
December 08, 2021

Technology Advancements in Ocala Home Security Systems

Home alarm systems have been available in Ocala for decades, and hasn’t made much tech advancements until the past few years. Home safety has always been a worry, but sometimes it seemed intrusive and cumbersome. Thankfully, you can now implement wire-free surveillance cameras, entry-point sensors, and locking systems that make a security systems that are more intuitive to your family’s routine. Review these exciting technology advancements in Ocala home security that enhance your safety and simplify your life.

Activate Your System From Your Recliner With Spoken Instructions

You are able to control your security with spoken words. Voice commands don’t require your hands and prevent the inconvenience of engaging your system manually with a keypad and code when you decide to turn it on. Vocal functionality is simple to program with compatible Amazon or Google devices. You might take it one step further and schedule your alarms through your versatile smart phone application.

ADT Smart Lock Control Pad in a Sitting Room

Secure Your Home With Smart Door Locks

Your standard front door locks are easier to breach than smart locks. Through your cell phone app, you are able to program a code that you might pass on to your family members and those you would like to have permission to enter your residence. You also may deactivate the locks from your mobile device, which is nice when you are trying to unload toddlers or groceries or whenever your hands are full while trying to get in the door. Automated locking systems are one of many technology advancements in Ocala home security that you'll wonder how you managed to live without.

Keep An Eye On Your Front Porch With Video Doorbells

Among the most sought-after technology advancements in Ocala home security are doorbell security cameras. These devices will not only chime a visitor arrives, but you will also have the opportunity to view who is on your front porch. A range of smart doorbells offer motion detection and will notify you and start recording when it discerns any movement. When there's a stranger at your entrance that you aren't comfortable opening your home to, you can use the built-in intercom functionality as opposed to speaking in person.

Illuminate Your Home with Smart Lights

It's widely known that a poorly illuminated home can be a targeted home. Not only that, who wants to set foot in a dim, gloomy space when arriving home in the evening? Smart bulbs allow you to control your property’s lighting whether you’re on site or not. You can place smart lights in multiple rooms of your residence, so it looks like someone is there. You can even set your lights to activate at your request and have your smart home awaken when you get done with your shower or when you return from your job.

Utilize Video Surveillance To See What's Taking Place At Home

Did you decide to try a new home healthcare provider and need to check in on them? What about teens at home that you want to peek in on when you're at work? Or pets that have separation anxiety? If you implement live video monitoring, you can tune into your home from your mobile device anytime you want. Install video surveillance inside your house and outdoors to stay connected at all times and keep your family members and property secure.

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